Thursday, May 8, 2014

Linen Closet Organization

There are two key factors to keeping your house clutter free and efficiently organized:

1. Have a place for everything 
2.Start from the inside, then move outward
 Although having a place for everything is pretty self-explanatory, it can be tricky actually finding a place for all our little daily necessities and odds and ends.
When I say to start from the inside, I mean the inner most corners of your house that usually go un-seen by guests and visitors, but make a big difference in keeping our home organized. The "inside" of the interior of you home not only includes cabinets and drawers, but also your closets.

So, today I thought I would take a little time to talk about the Linen Closet. If you are like me, my linen closet always seems to get stuffed full of any and everything I want to just pick up in a jiff. This seems like a great idea when we have very short notice before guest arrive but overtime, stuffing random items into a closet can really snowball into a monster mess. Doing this is an easy way to lose much needed items and cheat yourself out of precious storage space.
Here are a few tips and ideas on ways to keep your linen closet functional and visually appealing too!
Linen Closet Organization

Linen Closet Door Organization

Linen Closet Door Organization by brittneyblane on Polyvore

I hope these little tips have been helpful! If you have any space saving linen closet tips or organizational tricks please share them with me in the comments below!

Lots of Hugs!

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